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European Management Trainee Programme 2010

Programme overview

The European Management Trainee Programme seeks to recruit and develop future managers and leaders. The Programme consists of formal training combined with four work-experience placements across three different business areas including personal and commercial, and four different countries. It is designed to give delegates unprecedented exposure to each business area; its strategy, structure, customers, people and processes. Once completed, the Programme aims to have prepared the graduate for their first appointment in Russia.

Duration & Locations

The length of the Programme is approximately 20 months. The Programme is divided into 3 phases of 6 months duration including 2 overseas placements usually alternating between Retail and Corporate businesses. Overseas placements occur in different countries. For example these placements may take place in UK, Spain, Poland or France.

The last placement is located in Russia where the graduate is expected to remain in employment for their first post programme appointment.

After the Programme

At the end of the Programme, you'll be ready to take up a junior management role with HSBC Russia.

Salary and benefits

We will provide an excellent compensation package, best training courses, and plenty of exciting career opportunities.

Start Dates

The Programme starts at the beginning of September, 2010.

When to apply

Please apply for The European Management Trainee Programme by June, 2010.

Learning & Development

The Programme commences with induction in home countries, exposing the graduate to banking and local business operations. After this the first training course occurs and lasts for two weeks. Training covers a range of soft and technical skills, specialist banking concepts as well as HSBC structure and strategy.

The first two placements alternate between Retail and Corporate businesses, each of which is located in a different country. After these two placements, a second training course is undertaken and includes further skills development as well as sharing of experiences between delegates.

The final placement lasting six months is located back in Russia, with individual preference for business area accommodated subject to business need. Specialist projects are set during each placement, which aim to develop commercial thinking.

Programme requirements

We are looking for graduates who are keen to take on the responsibility of a junior management role in Russia.

You'll need to be bright, creative and motivated, with an enthusiasm to learn, a flexibility to adjust to different situations and a commitment to making a positive contribution to the company's image and success.

Before applying, it's important to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements of the Programme.

To join the European Management Trainee Programme you will need:

  • A high quality recent degree (GPA equivalent 4.5) preferably in a business related subject;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Experience of living / studying outside Russia;
  • International mobility.

The selection process

Step 1: Application Form

Step 2: Numerical Reasoning

Step 3: Verbal Reasoning

Step 4: Telephone Interview

Step 5: Assessment Centre

How to apply

If you are ready to apply now, confident that you meet the minimum requirements, for the European Management Trainee Programme, please click here and register at the application centre.

We will consider your application and contact you in case of our interest.



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