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Nielsen Talent Hunt

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Interested in getting your career on the fast track?

The Nielsen Company’s Graduate Program, North Eastern Europe offers a powerful and unique experience for graduates 2011 interested in a leadership career with the world’s leading provider of global marketing information, consumer insights and business media.

The Nielsen Graduate Program, NEE (NGP) is a challenging 12 months program designed to develop professionals who will position Nielsen for growth. Graduates will gain exposure to many aspects of corporate working process: data acquisition, measurement science, data processing, client work. As a member of the NGP you will participate in a variety of challenging and exciting learning and development experience in the following areas:

Rotation assignments

Graduates are expected to make a real contribution to the business!

The NGP 12 months rotational assignments provide on- the- job training and help to develop a wide breadth of knowledge. Participants gain invaluable practical work experience that can span across different geographical areas and business segments.

Focused training

Understand the Value Chain Components of a global marketing brand!

Participants will receive focused training during the Program in the following areas:

  • Professional development
  • Business process improvement
  • Leadership

Candidate criteria:

  • Degree in Business, Marketing, Economics, Maths, Sociology
  • Strong record of academic achievements
  • Disposition to learn from different cultures and new way of thinking
  • Results orientation, initiative, commitment and motivation
  • Excellent analytical and conceptual skills
  • Well-founded specialist competence, excellent communication skills, assertiveness, flexibility and mobility
  • Convincing personality and a desire to work in an international business environment
  • Fluency in English and Russian; knowledge of further languages is welcome
  • Be ready to work full-time as of July 2011

The Nielsen Graduate Program, 2011 begins in July with assignments in:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Belarus

Apply now

To apply and learn more about the company please visit http://www.acnielsen.ru/vacancy.php

Applications are accepted till March 31, 2011



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