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All Company departments are involved into program. It lasts for 18 months and includes 2 stages:

“Home base” (5 months)

  • Each Trainee starts in his „Home Base Department“ in Moscow: Commercial, Marketing, Logistics or Finance.
  • The Home Base Manager is the contact person/coach for his Trainee during the whole time of the program (18 months). He is responsible for the Trainee and also for the Special Assignment afterwards.
  • The first performance review and feedback after 5 months will be done by the Home Base Manager

Rotation (13 months)

  • All Trainees start rotation in other Departments of the program (2 months in each Department, except Home Base).
  • Legal and HR are covered through presentations and/or training days
  • The last month of the stage a Trainee spends in his Home Base

After that the best trainees will be selected via Development Centers and get a special assignment in Moscow office or regions for a year. After it she/he may overtake the first managerial tasks.

Target group:

  • Graduates 2007-2009
  • Fluent English
  • Internships or first working experience could be an advantage
  • Rather quick study and a valuable spare-time work
  • Personality: open-minded, hands on, straight forward, hard working, effective, entrepreneurial thinking, ability to make informal contacts, down to earth, addicted to Red Bull values: professional, focus, passion & self-responsibility.

The selection process includes several stages:

  1. Telephone screening interview
  2. Telephone deep interview
  3. Online test
  4. Personal interview
  5. Assessment Centre

Application will continue till November 10, 2008. Apply online on www.redbull.careerrussia.ru

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